Our flight was cancelled.  According to United Airlines, the weather ‘up north’ is unsuitable for air travel.  I called my wife.  She said it was sunny and breezy up In BTV.  Hmm…  We’re on standby for a 2:30 flight to Vermont.  If we don’t make the cut we have a 3:30 flight to Washington… and then a 10:00 flight to arrive home by midnight.  Wireless costs $10 in this hole of an airport.  If I could only pay with my food voucher.

Anyway…  I headed over to my standby gate (C103) and a woman in a Reds cap asked about my shirt.  I’m wearing my traveling grays – a ‘YINZ got Buccos fever?’ tee (with the Zoltan hands making the Z of YINZ, of course).  She lives in Pittsburgh and owns a partial season ticket package.  You’d think she’d have seen the dozen or so street vendors selling all styles of Zoltan gear.  Or maybe not…  She and her husband are returning to Pittsburgh after attending the Hall of Fame ceremony to see Barry Larkin… whatever…  Actually she was very nice.  I shouldn’t be such a jerk.  I’m a little put off by this travel situation.

So… I may look good, but my feet are killing me (killing me!).  Saturday, after I busted my flip flop while tripping on a step (in front of a full-ish bar) as I was entering Primanti’s, I made some duct tape repairs that got me through the day (and helped me look cool in front of my new friends).  On Sunday, however, I couldn’t take it anymore.  So I bought an $8.95 pair of Pirates flip flops just to complete the over-the-top overgeared out-of-towner look.  But today they’re just awful.  I’ve got some matching blisters on both feet and a couple more hot spots brewing, as well.  Good thing they look awesome with my YINZoltan shirt.

Some fun stuff has happened in our travels too, though.  For those of you that attended the Saturday night game, you’ll surely remember that a woman won a cool $250 on one drop while playing BUCCO.   Well.  She works for TSA and was stationed at the alternate security check this fine Monday morning.  I overheard her talking to a co-worker and mentioning that she was picked for BUCCO – ‘You know, it’s like plinko!’  So I blurted out, ‘Hey! You won two fifty!’  She just beamed.  Nodding toward me she said to her fellow TSA security agent, ‘See! See! I won!  I couldn’t believe it.  I never go with him on his walks when he needs a break… <fade out…>’

Two notable things from this interaction…  Thing one: Pittsburgh airport security is nothing (nothing!) compared to the wipedowns, searches, and unflinching, cold stares I got checking into Burlington International.  BTV, in all of its 8-gated glory, is friggin’ secure.  Maybe it’s the proximity to the porous Canadian border, eh?  I don’t know.  But they sure aren’t joking around.

Second thing: What’s this thing about walking around when you ‘need a break’ at the ballgame?  Watching a baseball game is a break.  In fact, that’s all it is!  What do you need a break from?  Sitting and relaxing?   Well, it paid off for her this time.  Maybe it’s a learning opportunity for me: Take more breaks.  No matter what you’re doing, take the occasional break.  You never know – you might be asked trivia questions to improve your chances at winning a pseudo game show contest.

Screw this, I’m taking a break…


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