I’m headed to Pittsburgh on Saturday.  It’ll be the first visit since I took the train there from Elyria, OH in 1995; and the second visit since my family considered moving there in 1984.  This third visit should be the most entertaining, I’d think.  I’ll be attending ‘The Gathering III’ with my co-Red-Sox-season-ticket-holder of 9 years.  (He’s very funny.  You guys will like him.)

Naturally, I have some anxiety going into an event like this.  I’ll be out of my routine, my state, my element.  Most people won’t know me there. And those who do know me- or at least read this blog- will likely be disappointed with my flat affect and lack of fashion sense.  I was starting to have some second thoughts when I decided to re-check the Gathering thread for any updates.  Much to my delight, my slightly twisted sense of humor started to kick in.  I looked down the list of names and started to picture a Justice League like scenario coalescing in the PNC parking lot…

Assembling a band of supernatural titans!  STEELREIGN!  WAR MACHINE! DR ROXTAR!  STAN BELINDA! AIRLEG1!  AMONG OTHERS! I can envision a canopy-style Hall of Justice with the metallic Captain America-like STEELREIGN materializing from atmospheric plasma!  WAR MACHINE in badass cammo firing bullets from his eyes!  DR ROXTAR’s violently satanic form of leather-pantsed debauchery!  STAN BELINDA pitching embarrassingly ineffective middle relief at this age!  And AIRLEG1… with a leg… made of air… or something.  Oh- and in the back, by the coolers… None other than COCKTAILSFOR2!  A stumbling mess of unshaven stupor!  Quoting mumbly nonsense from 19th-century British literature while wiping nachos off his ear!

Hey, it never hurts to dream…

But really… I’ve been looking forward to this ever since being invited last month sometime.  This baseball season has been every bit worth the price of admission so far.  My baseball luck has truly been on a good run this decade of my life. I became a Red Sox season ticket holder in December, 2003- only to watch one of the unluckiest teams in the history of baseball win 2 World Championships in the next 4 years.  And now, with a fresh appreciation for the game (thanks to an honest, hard-working Pirates organization), I may witness the day-by-day exorcism of a 19-year mess in Pittsburgh.  Good stuff.  And even better baseball.

See you guys soon…


13 thoughts on “Pre-Gathering III anxiety management

  1. Then there’s lame old me. IAPF or IAPiratesFan, two years ago someone at the first Gathering thought it was some sort of caveman talk “I a Pirates Fan”. It’s just short for Iowa Pirates Fan. You will be able to tell who I am by my t-shirt.

  2. There used to be a Captain Awesome, he sent an xrated declaration to BD on C42 phone. that he liked him some penis. To be fair it was a tomfoolery and he owned up.

  3. Once you are get to the Gathering… You’ll be anxiously awaiting the planning of the next one. If you enjoy them as much as I do you wont remember walking to and from PNC Park lol

  4. That was very well done Sir. Look foward to meeting you at the tailgate today. I wonder if it’s more than a coincidence that the Buccos started winning since you arrived.

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