After my chance interaction with Neal Huntington this past November, I scoured the internet for more information on the guy.  I was really quite impressed with his baseball sense and general good nature.  I wanted to see if my conversation with him was a fluke (or worse – smarmy PR garbage akin to what we’re accustom to in Boston).  Well, in my search I found the Rumbunter Podcast (and found supporting evidence that Huntington is indeed a pretty smart and nice guy).  While absurdly profane and irreverent, Cocktailsfor2, Smitty & the other producer MVP Adam guy had insightful and relevant interviews, not only with the GM but with players, media types and the like.  Great stuff!

Well, they made the mistake of asking me to join the mayhem.  After an evening of non-sensical babbling, ignorance, and bitter resentment, the guys at Rumbunter Podcast edited this thing together in a way that’s actually entertaining and fun!  Way to go!


The podcast:

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One thought on “From outcast to podcast

  1. Yeah, it was great stuff. I learned a lot about the Red Sox because honestly, I have never in my life paid any sort of attention to the Red Sox except during the playoffs if they were in it. And I appreciate the outsider’s point of view of the Pirates. Most outsiders I know just talk about McCutchen and don’t bother learning anything else about the Pirates.

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