OK, OK.  I get it.  There’s less offense in the National League.  I get it.  Really.  Enough already.  Score some friggin runs!

Before I fully enter my (hopefully) 2-month distraction on ice, a few words on my first 5 games as a Pirates fan.  Quite simply, I’m feeling good.  Clearly this team doesn’t hit.  And when a team doesn’t hit starts off the season in a slump it looks bad.  But even with that, they took 2 of 3 from Philly and lost a couple close ones to some good pitching in LA.

<B’s-Caps memories.   I was at this game…>

And before I descend into the pure joy of playoff hockey mayhem, a few more words about the Boston Red Sox.  HA!  I find comfort in Terry Francona’s absence at the upcoming 100th anniversary celebration of Fenway Park.  Yes, the only living Red Sox manager with 2 World Series championships in team history will not be attending the 100th birthday of ‘America’s Most Beloved Ballpark ™’.  Francona acknowledged that someone had gone out of their way to make him look bad on the way out.  He said it’d be ‘hypocritical’ to show up and smile and hug everyone.  Gotta respect the guy – he values human dignity above pomp, circumstance, and pre-fab marketing parties.   In other news… ESPN reports that there’s still tension in the Sox clubhouse.  Boo hoo.

<Bruins dominating but tied 0-0.  Bad news…>

I’ll do my best to get into the baseball season.  But without any runs, it’ll be, uh…

<Best P.J. Stock fight ever … vs. Caps>

It’s pretty hard to focus

Hockey’s just, kinda, you know




2 thoughts on “Game on!

  1. Fenway is America’s Most Beloved Ballpark? I thought it was Wrigley Field. I guess it depends on if you’re from the North East or the Mid-West. Probably for those out west in California, it’s Dodger Stadium….

    1. While not actually trademarked, ‘America’s Most Beloved Ballpark’ is the label (with capital letters) that the Red Sox use for Fenway. I don’t think it’s a scientifically-determined ‘most’, just an indulgent nickname.

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