The response to last week’s posts was really quite nice. The sites and were gracious enough to post links and recommend the reading. That led to 1,000+ hits over a 24-hour period and a handful of re-posts. Apparently, that was my 15 minutes of blog fame. Good enough.

It’s fun to introduce myself to such a supportive and accepting baseball community. Judging by the comments connected to the last posts, there’s a dark cloud over Pittsburgh. While Pirates fans are not uniformly hopeless and depressed, cynicism is pervasive. 19 years of losing teams will do that I suppose. But the degree to which fans are willing to take this seems appropriately sized. Absent are the alarmist proclamations of doom and conspiracy one will find throughout Red Sox and Yankees boards. There was hardly a trace of persecution complex. The amount of server storage space devoted to MLB/ESPN/Joe Buck/Bud Selig/etc. conspiracies against the Red Sox and Yankees easily surpasses the JFK/moon landing/dinosaur hoaxes combined. The Pittsburgh response to the recent CBA disaster was disheartened but even-handed by most fans. Sure, there’s some element of reactive nutjob blather. But it’s not the dominant culture. What a breath of fresh air.

The juxtaposition of the Pirates message board culture and those in Boston and New York is striking. Sure it’s November, but I didn’t find any trolls from rival camps checking in simply to bait and dissect. No ‘F DA RED SUX!!111!!!11’ or whatever the NL Central equivalents are. On a personal level, the information in my posts wasn’t systematically de-authenticated by those ‘better in-the-know’. I wasn’t called names (that I know of) and no one found any other internet information about me to discredit me (and therefore my piece).

Strange as it may seem, these types of behaviors have been my experience as a Red Sox fan – both coming from Yankees fans and, more disturbingly, from other Red Sox fans. Thanks for not being jerks.


5 thoughts on “Pirates fans are not jerks

  1. Good stuff, sir. Welcome aboard! The Pirates – and their fans – are glad to have baseball enthusiasts following them.

    Can you shoot me an email with your email addy? Love to chat with you about sumpthin’…

  2. “Absent are the alarmist proclamations of doom and conspiracy one will find throughout Red Sox and Yankees boards.”

    They exist. Just look for the right blogs. Although maybe I’m a bit naive about this sort of thing, maybe my idea of doom and conspiracy looks quaint compared to the Yanks and Sox boards?

  3. I’ve certainly seen some of this element on Pirates boards- however it doesn’t approach the persecution complex NY/Bos fans exhibit. The NY fascination with the ESPN bias/conspiracy is truly amazing. Sox fans are more enamored of the doomsday scenarios and how they’re all connected- Babe Ruth, ’46, ’78, ’86, ’03, and now ’11 etc. etc, etc. (if this were a post on a Bos board, there’d be 12 instant comments listing the years I missed…)

    Thanks for the posts!

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